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KRONK GOES 3-0 (2)

This weekend the KRONK amateur team went 3-0 scoring two wins by stoppage at the Summer Championships held in St. John's Michigan. KRONK got off to an impressive start with the debut of hot young prospect Jordan Cartagena who scored a third-round stoppage. Ezra Wyatt continued his "punches in bunches" approach and scored a second-round stoppage by broken nose (this is the second broken nose on Wyatt's young resume to date). Wyatt has less than 10 fights, and will no doubt have to polish up on his basics before making the jump to open class, but there is no mistaking his go get em instincts! In the main event KRONK's Jirair Thompson stepped up one full weight division despite weighing in at only 154 pounds to fight a 25-year-old power puncher weighing in at 165 pounds. After a feeling out process in the first round, Thompson went to work! He put on what some are calling a career best performance dominating his older opponent and if the rounds had not been moved to 2 minutes from the traditional 3 in open class, it is likely Thompson would have scored the third stoppage for KRONK! For more info and pics visit us on Instagram at @RealKRONKGym.

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