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It was located at 5555 McGraw Ave, in the bowels of the Motor City’s old Kronk Recreation Center, in the brick, closed confines far from the public’s view. The door itself spoke to all those who would enter: 

"This door has led many to pain and fame." 

It was called the Kronk Gym. And it was a boxing herald for over 30 years in the heart of Detroit City. Boxing’s greatest era was awash in the Kronk colors of gold and red. Gold for the titles they’d win. Red for the blood they’d sacrifice.

The sounds below were of struggle. Of toil and determination. Of a speed bag bouncing in rhythm from a muted distance. Of grunts, of groans from some of the amateurs growing up, and also some of the greatest boxers who ever lived. The fighters that emerged under the tutelage of the great Emanuel Steward are forever synonymous with the no-frills gym from which they hailed.

The name itself carries the aura. Kronk. It was the palace in which kings were made.


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KRONK Training Camp​

Are you a professional boxer or trainer, looking for your next training camp destination?
Look no further.
Train at the most historic name in boxing history. Contact us for more information. 
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