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KRONK is quickly re-emerging as the boxing training destination of choice, a competitive force and a community leader. Boxing, fitness, youth development, media, and more are all here at KRONK. 
Emanuel Steward's Influence on KRONK Today

Today KRONK is the combination of a legendary boxing tradition, a champion's mindset, KRONK-style training, and Emanuel Steward's belief in preparing youth for life inside and outside the boxing ring. Through ESCOT (Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow), originally started in the 1970s and now reborn as KRONK's official youth development program, kids across Metro Detroit can become champions in life. 

KRONK Gives Back


ESCOT is KRONK Boxing Gym's youth development program. Not only is it THE place to be after school, but it's also the place where kids get a start at becoming champions in life.


You don't have to box to be a part of ESCOT. You just have to want to be a champion and hang with other kids who want to be champions too.  

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