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7/12. Social media is hot as a July day in the basement of 5555 McGraw! Jake Paul and his team at Most Valuable Promotions released a new training video featuring KRONK's Third Chambers wearing a classic KRONK sleeveless training muscle shirt. After just two hours, numerous boxing social media accounts re-posted the video clip and over 200,000 have seen the video so far. Fans and haters alike are all chiming in.

While Paul continues to work with KRONK's J'Leon Love for this upcoming fight versus Nate Diaz, he upped his game and brought in one of the ORIGINAL KRONK GYM members in Chambers.

Chambers literally grew up in KRONK from the time he was around 6 or 7 years old. He is the nephew of Darrell Chambers and was personally trained by Emanuel Steward and Walter Smith. Chambers won numerous amateur championships and had a solid pro career before an injury forced him to retire. Third is a "behind the scenes" guy and fans have seen the results of his work in numerous big fights in recent years, but he has always preferred the background. Now, training Jake Paul, the cameras are spotting the low-key Chambers more often than he may prefer. Love Paul or be a hater, but you must respect his hard work and dedication to the sport. No only is KRONK in full standing for Paul but so is icon Mike Tyson and many other legends of the sweet science. One thing you can take to the bank, with Third Chambers leading the charge in training camp, Jake Paul will be bringing that KRONK STYLE into his fight with Diaz. To see the training footage click here!

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