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KRONK and TITLE Boxing Announce New Partnership

DETROIT (May 18, 2022) - KRONK® Boxing Gym and TITLE® Boxing announced a partnership today to supply both the KRONK amateur boxing team and ESCOT™, KRONK’s youth development program with TITLE Boxing gear, including the return of the classic KRONK GOLD boxing trunks along with a full line of co-branded boxing gear that will be available for purchase by boxing fans worldwide.

The partnership was the result of an extensive search by John Lepak, KRONK Boxing’s business manager. The famed KRONK boxing dynasty, originated by the legendary trainer Emanuel Steward, is currently in the early stages of revitalizing and re-energizing the gym and its amateur and professional boxing programs while giving back to the community through Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow (ESCOT) KRONK’s youth development programs.

“TITLE Boxing was a natural for us as we explored partnerships with them and other professional boxing companies. TITLE understood our purpose. They understood our history. And they had the ability and willingness to move quickly without a lot of red tape. That’s how we operate here. We have a lot of work to do, and we want partners who are willing to run fast with us,” said Lepak.

Boxes and boxes of TITLE Boxing gear arrived at KRONK Gym and were ready for installation and use with the kids, aged 8-18, who aspire to become champions one day in the ring, and others who aspire to become champions in whatever life path they choose.

“Boxing is a sport that benefits both those who want to win in the ring and those who want to win in life,” said Jeff Styers, KRONK partner. Styers is a former professional boxer himself, turned successful business owner and community leader. In 2021, he partnered with Sylvia Steward-Williams the daughter of Emanuel Steward to revitalize KRONK and restore its presence in Detroit and around the world.

Doug Ward, TITLE Boxing‘s vice president of marketing, said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to advance both the next generation of boxers and leaders to their highest potential. It’s a chance for us to not only outfit the KRONK boxing team but also help ESCOT, KRONK’s youth development program. There’s a great need out there for kids to have mentorship and guidance, learn discipline and hard work, and gain the courage that can only come from stepping into that ring.“

KRONK amateur boxer will now train with TITLE gear.

TITLE Boxing generously provided equipment, including heavy bags, speed bags, corner pads, mitts, hand wraps, boxing gloves, and everything else needed to outfit a world-class gym. They have also sourced and are providing the “real” classic KRONK GOLD boxing trunks for the amateur team. KRONK head coach, Erskine Wade said, “Many former amateur and professional boxers feared those trunks, on sight, back in the day. Our plan is that they will fear them again. I can’t wait to have those trunks back.”

“If my father were alive, he would be truly grateful to TITLE for partnering with us. So many of our amateur boxers and the ESCOT kids cannot afford their own gear or even pay for their membership in the gym. Sponsorships keep our doors open and our program running. That would not be possible without companies like TITLE Boxing and their generosity,” said Sylvia Steward-Williams, KRONK partner.

“The gym looks amazing; never looked better. And the kids are starting to realize that they are part of something big. Not only are they part of a bright future but also a legacy, a banner of boxing tradition and excellence,” said Milton McCrory, KRONK coach and former world champion who was trained by Emanuel Steward himself.

KRONK coach and former world champion Milton McCrory said the TITLE partnership is a real win for our amateur program.

KRONK Gym’s storied history includes dozens of world champions. Today many of those world champions are part of the KRONK family and give back by training and inspiring young boxers and the ESCOT kids.

Already the TITLE-KRONK partnership is creating a line of co-branded gear that will include exclusive Emanuel Steward Signature Punch Mitts among other iconic items which will be available to boxing fans who want to relive an epic period in boxing history and support ESCOT at the same time. TITLE Boxing will donate profits from the co-branded merchandise to this worthy cause.

“I think this is just the beginning of a long-term relationship between KRONK and TITLE, since Lepak. “We are just getting started.”


KRONK Boxing Gym was founded in the basement of a Detroit community center nearly 50 years ago. From those humble beginnings, Emanuel Steward turned KRONK into a household name by training more than 41 fighters to world champion titles. In 2021, nine years after the passing of Emanuel Steward in 2012, his daughter Sylvia Steward-Williams partnered with former pro boxer Jeff Styers to revitalize the gym and the KRONK brand. Today, KRONK is on the rise through its new amateur program and professional affiliations. Fans can find real, authorized apparel and boxing gear only at the Real KRONK Gym Store where 10% of all proceeds go to ESCOT, Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow, KRONK’s youth development program which helps kids have a better shot at leading a championship life. KRONK Gym is located at the Jefferson-Barns Community Vitality Center, 32150 Dorsey Street, Westland, Michigan. (, www.realkronkgymstore.)

About TITLE Boxing

From equipment design to real involvement in the sport, to having integrity in business, TITLE continually delivers the best in the boxing industry. Since 1998, TITLE Boxing has been dedicated to making everyone’s pursuit of the sweet science a positive experience, by being the industry leader in safety, innovation, setting the standard of what great gear really means and taking pride in what prize fighting is all about. Every piece of equipment that bears the TITLE logo, is a demonstration of their deeper passion for the future of our youth. It represents the support of healthy amateur competition, professional boxing at its best, physical fitness across all ages and symbolizes every athlete’s personal journey towards greatness.

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