Love for "The Goldfather" and Thanks for the Memories

Updated: Aug 2

Thank you to everyone who sent in their love and memories in honor of Emanuel Steward's birthday on July 7 and all month long. Here are a few of the stories and impact this man had on the people he met.

"Stories my dad told me about KRONK and manny stayed with me forever. When I got old enough YouTube was my teacher and I studied not only KRONK's history but Manny's fights and always enjoyed Emanuel's commentating. One day I'll come to Detroit and go to the new gym and learn as much as I can. Emanuel was the best and will forever be the best. I have my KRONK bag that I use on a weekly basics Long live the best trainer of all time!

"Great trainer, clearly. Probably my favourite moment was his bollocking Lewis in the Tyson fight. Fantastic broadcaster, obviously. One of THE best to ever do it. But above all I think he always came across as such a tremendous, genuine human being. I've been following boxing since the early 80s. Leonard/Hearns on the radio - early hours of the morning back in England is one of my earliest memories - yet I can't recall ever hearing anyone say a bad word about Emanuel Steward. A massive loss to boxing [and more importantly to those who knew him, I'm sure]. So it's great to see his legacy living on.

All the best from Australia!"

"Manny was a patient of mine and we subsequently became good friends. He would bring his fighters to my house to watch fights in my theater. We would have a barbecue. One day Manny asked me to be a cutman for Kermit Cintron. Being a trauma surgeon I had plenty of skills. The promoter Main Events was not comfortable with me being the cutman. But Manny stood his ground and told that I was his guy. My wife and I were very fond of him. I miss having dinner with him before or after a fight or coming over to the house. He was a great man and I do miss but cherish the time we had together."

Emanuel Steward working the mitts with Jeff Fenechs.
Emanuel Steward working the mitts with Jeff Fenech.

"Working in Jeff Fenech's Camp for his fight in Melbourne against Mike Juarez, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Emanuel's company. It was such an honour. One of my jobs was to drive Emanuel out to a suburban shopping centre where Jeff was training. I’d read where Emanuel loved The Temptations so I made sure to buy their Greatest Hits cassette tape and have it playing on our drive. Emanuel was so grateful I’d taken the trouble to do this for him. Fast forward many years and I’m in a Steakhouse in Vegas days before Pacquiao v Marquez 3. In walks Emanuel with a few very well dressed men. I respectfully approach and renew acquaintances and just wanted to say hi. We begin to chat. A minute or two pass and one of Emanuels well dressed dinner companions interrupts to let Emanuel know their table is ready. Emanuel says to him “I’ll be over when I finish chatting with my friend.” Emanuels dinner companions looked like businessmen or lawyers of the highest order. He could have blown a nobody like me, who hadn’t seen him in 15 years, off with a quick hello in five seconds, but that wasn’t the type of man he was. He made me feel very special in that moment and for that I’ll be forever grateful. He is the finest man I ever met in my many years hanging around the fight game.❤️🥊🇦🇺🇺🇸"

And there you go...

Cheers to Manny!

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