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@REALKRONKGYM as the old time trainers at the Original KRONK Gym would say, KRONK twitter "is as hot as a smoking pistol"!

KRONK's recent post featuring an old school sparring session between Thomas Hearns and Mike McCallum has reached 264k impressions and is still climbing! KRONK followed that up with a classic one-two combination after the "controversial" Lomo vs Haney fight asking fight fans what they felt was the greatest robbery in boxing history, and the debate is still going on.

Today with the exciting announcement of Spence vs Crawford, we asked fans; can this fight be this eras Leonard vs Hearns? And the fans are responding. If you have not followed us on Twitter, head on over and give us a follow! If you are not using Twitter, it is a great place where KRONK fans, celebrities and boxing personalities from all over the world are actively communicating on the KRONK page.

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