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This past week two young members of KRONK amateur boxing team and ESCOT Youth Development Program were able to take part in an amazing trip to Ireland and England thanks to a program called Bridges Beyond Boxing.

Bridges Beyond Boxing is a partnership formed by a select group of Metro Detroit business owners and a group of dedicated partners in both Ireland and England that allows amateur boxers to travel Internationally twice yearly. At the heart of this program, they are making life-changing experiences that are accessible for all young talents, regardless of their background. They are passionate about nurturing growth through cultural exchange, hands-on workshops, and mentorship while creating a sustainable and positive impact on local communities. Through this unique exchange; they are building a global network of resilient, skilled, and culturally aware individuals while maintaining a commitment to sporting excellence.

This past week KRONK/ESCOT had two members travel to Belfast Ireland and Livepool England. Thompson and Turner went 4-0 winning two convincing decisions each over top ranked boxers from both Ireland and England. It was an amazing trip as they were able to do a great deal of site seeing and even got the chance to be hosted by the Lord Mayor Belfast.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and donors who help make opportunities like this possible. If you would like to learn more about you can help support KRONK/ESCOT, please send us a message by clicking here!

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Lavelle and Jboo were absolute gentleman and great ambassadors. Each of their host families invited them back to Ireland any time they want!

Replying to

Erik, Thank you very much for that message! We appreciate your hospitality and for welcoming us like family. MUCH KRONK LOVE!

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