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Where Fighters
Become Champions

It's a New KRONK​ Era


It's a new era and a renewed focus on the legacy of Emanuel Steward, his training methods, his unending care for the people he mentored and for the shot he gave so many to become world champions.

The Greatest Dynasty in the History of Boxing

"Detroit's KRONK Gym keeps cranking out the best in boxing. Team spirit builds champs..."​

- The Wall Street Journal

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Limited Edition - Wearing of the Green


Celebrate St. Patty's and honor KRONK Boxing Ireland when you don this exclusive, ultra-rare KRONK green.

Available for a limited time Green and Gold Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Training T and Muscle T. Custom made to order.

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Who's the best Irish fighter and why?

We're dying to know! Tell us your pick and you may win a limited edition KRONK Wearing of the Green Training T-shirt!

Thanks for entering! We'll let you know if you're our winner. And, we'll showcase all entries in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

Best Irish Figher
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Go back in time with KRONK, Emanuel Steward and more.

KRONK keeps things interesting. Here's what's going on.

See photos and updates of our champs past and present, amateur and pro.

KRONK Gives Back


ESCOT is KRONK Boxing Gym's champions club. Not only is it THE place to be after school, but it's also the place where kids like you become champions in life.


You don't have to box to be a part of ESCOT. You just have to want to be a champion and hang with other kids who want to be champions too.  



Watch for more news on upcoming KRONK events. 

The Buzz

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